Most people read news on Facebook accidentally

Most US adults wind up reading news on Facebook accidentally, finds a survey by the Pew Research Center.

According to the survey, 78% of Facebook users who read news on the site were there for other reasons. Only 4% of those surveyed said the site is the most important way they get news.

Thirty-four percent of Facebook users who say they read news on the site are 29 years-old or younger.

When Facebook news consumers were asked why they decided to click on a news article, 70% of them said they read the story because it interested them.  Facebook news consumers also said they had other reasons for reading an article:

  • entertaining 51%
  • surprising 50%
  • friend recommendation 37%
  • preferred news outlet 20%
  • story has lots of likes 13%

Emily Dickinson Archive publishes digital images of Dickinson’s manuscripts

The Emily Dickinson Archive says its published high-resolution digital images of Dickinson’s manuscripts, which are online at The site offers readers a way to browse the archive by collection or search by keyword. Readers can zoom deep into each page and examine the writers handwriting.

This archive says its first phase includes images of poems identified in The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition, edited by R. W. Franklin.

Image of Emily Dickinsons handwriting from the Emily Dickinson Archive

Majority of Canadians read newspapers, either print or digital

Close to 80% of Canadas population  reads a newspaper at least once a week, in either print or digital form, finds a study by NADbank, a Canadian news industry research organization.

The study found that weekly readership is highest in Halifax at 84%, Winnipeg at 83% and Montreal at 80%.

Weekly digital readership ranges from 29% to 39% in Canada. Halifax is the top digital news market, followed by Winnipeg, Montreal and London.

Up to 60% of Canadians read newspapers every day, with print still winning as the primary source. Total weekly readership across all news platforms has reached 10 million for the first time in Canada.

Daily and weekly newspaper readership according to new study by NADbank